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Bronchitis Symptoms

Bronchitis Symptoms

Most people who develop bronchitis recover at home. However, there are times where this condition requires a trip to the emergency room. Bronchitis is an inflammatory condition of the bronchial tubes of your lungs that typically results from viral or bacterial infections.

Should I Go To The ER?

  • If you notice wheezing, difficulty breathing, or your body temperature dips to below 95 degrees or is higher than 104, you should consider visiting us here at Elitecare.
  • If your resting breathing rate is noticeably higher than usual
  • If your resting heart rate increases
  • If your nails or lips start to turn blue or gray.
  • If you become tired because you have to work so hard to breathe.
  • It is possible that you may even become dizzy, confused, or that you could faint.

These are all signs of severe respiratory complications that require immediate evaluation and treatment. You may need intravenous medications, respiratory therapies, antibiotics, or oxygen to help you begin to recover.

Ready To Help

We are staffed with real board-certified physicians. We can offer the same medical expertise as a traditional hospital emergency room without the annoyingly long wait times. And we do it with a level of VIP service, you will not experience anywhere else. While we always hope that we will never have to see you, rest assured knowing that if you do, we will be here 24/7.

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