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Understanding your Bill

Understanding your Bill

At Elitecare, we work to eliminate the confusion and complexity of healthcare insurance claims. Our registration, billing, and reimbursement processes are simple and streamlined for our patients. Elitecare will never send you a surprise bill. We take great care to review each claim and ensure that your insurer processes the claim correctly. We continuously advocate on our patients’ behalf.

Guide to Your Bill
You receieved medical services from Elitecare.

During your visit, a portion of your responsibility was discussed and may have been collected

Charges wilbe applied to your account and
billed to your insurance as a claim.
hand and gears
Your claim will be pocessed and benefits applied according to your insurance plan.
eob file
You will receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from your insurance company. THIS IS NOT A BILL.
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Elitecare ER will work wiith your insurance provider to make sure your insurance benefits are correctly applied to your claim.
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The billing process is now complete. For questions or concerns, contact a Patient Account Specialist at 281-337-7500

Billing Inquiries: 281-337-7500 — M-F 8:00am-5:30pm CST

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*Elitecare Emergency Hospital follows Federal And Texas State EMTALA Protections. ALL patients who present to Elitecare Emergency Hospital are evaluated for the presence of an emergency medical condition, and, if one exists, they will recieve emergency stabilization and treatment, including transfer to a higher level of care when necessary, without regard to their ability to pay.