Insurance Companies Are Fighting to Keep Texas in a State of Denial.

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Insurance Companies Are Fighting to Keep Texas in a State of Denial.

Insurance Companies Are Fighting to Keep Texas in a State of Denial.

Pre-authorization denials and delay tactics for necessary medical procedures has become another major profit center for health insurance companies. In fact, Texas health plans have systematically eroded the process of physician-recommended authorization. They regularly delay claims by using intentionally complicated administrative processes — requiring a lengthy review of your physician’s recommendations. And now, they are trying to oppose a bill that would prevent insurance companies from engaging in the corporate practice of medicine by denying pre-authorizations as ordered from good doctors.

HB 3459, sponsored by Representative Dr. Greg Bonnen (R-Galveston), & Texas Senator Dr. Dawn Buckingham (R-Austin), would:

  • Reduce pre-authorization insurance denials by creating a “gold card” standard for physicians with high rates of approval.
  • Prevent insurance companies from practicing medicine without a license. It would require commercial health plans to give a physician a reasonable opportunity to speak to another physician located and licensed in Texas who is of a same or similar specialty for a prior-authorization request.

Insurance companies want you to believe that their pre-authorization denials are saving the state millions in unnecessary medical procedures. But we all know that denying and delaying necessary care only leads to more health care costs later… often when a patient ends up in an emergency room.

Physicians should not have to jump through insurance company hoops to get you the care you deserve. Please take action now to support HB 3459 and protect your physician’s ability to prevent tomorrow’s emergency by getting the care you need today!

Texas, support HB 3459 to stop health insurance companies from denying doctor-recommended pre-authorizations.

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