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Pink Eye Prevention & Treatment

Pink Eye, or Conjunctivitis, is a condition where you suffer inflammation of a thin membrane that coats the surface of your eye and eyelid. If you are infected by pink eye you will notice redness, pain or itchiness, and discharge from your eye.

How Do You Get Pink Eye?

Not only is it quite common, but it is also incredibly contagious. Something as simple as touching a contaminated surface, or shaking hands with someone who is infected and passes the infection on to you.


Simple steps can help you reduce your chances of catching it. First, always wash your hands. It’s amazing how many illnesses could be prevented if we all just took the time to wash our hands properly.

Also, do not share makeup products with others. Specifically, makeup that is used around the eyes. Resist urges to rub or touch your eyes and avoid contact with anyone you know who currently has pink eye.

Shold I See A Doctor?

While many instances of conjunctivitis will go away on their own, if you do not see an improvement after a couple of days, you should seek out medical assistance. If you wear contact lenses, have had recent eye surgery or have a compromised immune system you should not hesitate to be evaluated.

Furthermore, if you begin to experience intense pain, severe redness or inflammation, as well as blurred vision or extreme sensitivity to light, you should receive medical care as soon as possible.

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