Recognizing The Signs Of A Stroke

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Recognizing The Signs Of A Stroke

Recognizing The Signs Of A Stroke

A stroke may occur at a moments notice to any of us our the ones we love. Understanding the warning signs and symptoms of a stroke can mean the difference between life and death.

Hi, I’m Dr. Vincent, ER Physician here locally at Elitecare Emergency Hospital in League City. Have you or one of your family members ever dealt with the effects of a stroke? Were you ready to respond and did you know what signs to look for?

Who Is At Risk Of Stroke?

One important thing to know up front is that strokes do not discriminate. They can happen at any time and to anyone no matter their sex, age, race. The important thing to remember is that when a stroke occurs, you can minimize its effects by acting F.A.S.T.

Symptoms of Stroke

By Fast I mean the letters F A S T. Fast is an acronym that stands for Face, Arm, Speech, and Time.

Recognizing a Stroke FAST

If you notice any of the following, face drooping, arm weakness, and speech difficulties, then it is time to get to the emergency room immediately.

Reducing Damage By F.A.S.T. Action

By acting FAST, there is a better chance of reducing a stroke’s potential damage. A stroke does not have to mean death nor disability but a quick response is vital. If you think that you or a loved one is suffering from a stroke, call 911 or visit your nearest ER immediately. Know the signs, act FAST.

We Are Here If You Need Us

Elitecare is a full-service Emergency Room that is ready to treat you when these symptoms show up. Our ability to respond more quickly and efficiently than a hospital ER allows us to help you act FAST.

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