Summer Heat Safety Tips

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Summer Heat Safety Tips

Summer Heat Safety Tips

Summer Heat Safety

It won’t be long now… Summer is right around the corner. School will be out and the call of the outdoors will ring loud in everyone’s ears. But, summertime in Texas also means heat…a lot of heat.

That’s why it’s important to both take precautions to avoid the dangerous effects of the sun and to understand when you’ve pushed it too far and a trip to the emergency room may be in order. I too am looking forward to some time in the pool or hanging out at the beach with friends and family, but I also understand that the sun does not play favorites when it comes to the damage it can do.

Heat-Related Illnesses

Heat Illnesses range in severity from heat cramps all the way up to heat stroke. Our combination of heat and humidity can cause many complications as we spend time in the great outdoors, and as your body tries to cool itself off, one of the first ailments you may notice is cramps.

Heat Exhaustion

As the heat takes its toll it can progress and you may begin to experience symptoms of heat exhaustion such as increased sweating, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. At this point, you are at risk of heat stroke and a trip to the emergency room is imminent.

Here at Elitecare 24 Emergency Room in League City, we’ll get you back to a doctor within minutes and begin to treat you with IV fluids to help cool you down and reduce the risk of possible organ damage. from your heat exposure.


But the truth is, we don’t want to have to see you. We’d much rather you take the necessary precautions and avoid a trip to to the ER. When you feel yourself getting too hot, immediately seek shelter, or shade and be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. I’d also encourage you to place a cool towel on your forehead, find some A/C or even some cool water to sit in.

Those At Higher Risk

I also want to point out that some people are much more susceptible to the effects of heat than others. Those most at risk include: The elderly, and the very young.

Enjoy your summer, have all the fun you possibly can, but remember to stay safe, stay aware, and if the heat wins out, know that we will be here 24/7 ready to take care of you.

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