The Insurance Lobby Has Undermined the Law Again

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The Insurance Lobby Has Undermined the Law Again

The Insurance Lobby Has Undermined the Law Again

Surprise, Surprise…

Last year, Healthcare providers helped Congress pass the “No Surprises Act”…protecting patients from surprise bills when insurance companies don’t fairly cover health care costs.

The law specifically created a process called IDR…Independent Dispute Resolution… where a 3rd-party considers a variety of factors to determine a fair price insurers must pay for things like out-of-network emergency care.

Now, the big Insurance lobby is undermining this critical law by adding red tape that forces a “median” in-network rate to be used to determine payment. A number they can easily manipulate through their network monopolies..driving the price they pay down whenever they want.

So, while you’ll be protected from surprise bills…You may soon find…

  • You can’t find available EMS services in your area.
  • You have nowhere to go at all in an emergency!

It’s No Surprise Though…

Insurers will continue making record profits while you pay higher premiums for less access to care.

Tell your legislators to ensure the No Surprises Act is implemented the way it was designed…by putting #PatientsOverProfits.

Together we can STOP SURPRISE BILLS!

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