Ways to Get More Exercise for Busy Working Moms

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Ways to Get More Exercise for Busy Working Moms

Ways to Get More Exercise for Busy Working Moms

Ways to Get More Exercise for Busy Working Moms

Parenting is tough, and almost every busy working mom will vouch for this. If your current schedule involves managing the responsibilities of your family, children, work, and more, finding the time to exercise may seem impossible. It may even seem overwhelming to fit exercise into your daily routine. Here are some ways to help you find time to work out, so you can stay fit and healthy.

How to Get More Exercise for Busy Working Moms

Take the Stairs

A simple and very effective way to help you get more movement through the day is to use the stairs instead of the elevator. Taking the stairs increases your heart rate, improves strength, and helps you with balance. If you’d like to make this more challenging, you could take two stairs at a time or do some heel raises off the edge of a step for calf strength. (Crouch, 2021)

Park Further Away

If you’re in a safe and well-lit area, consider parking a little further away from the entrance of wherever you’re going. By adding a few minutes of walking time, you can increase your daily step count.

Include Children When Exercising

One of the biggest challenges for busy working moms is finding some “alone time” to exercise. While it’s great to work out without distractions, it may not always be possible. You could play games with your children, like a game of tag. You could also invest in a children’s seat for your bike or let your children join you on a bike ride using their bikes if they’re age appropriate. A lot of moms also choose to walk or jog with strollers. (Torres, 2016)

Try Dancing

Dancing is a great way to work out and burn calories while working on your coordination and balance. You can put on some music while you cook dinner, vacuum, or even fold laundry. Put on some music, include the children, and have fun as you host your dance party.

Exercise During TV Time

While binge-watching your favorite series is a good option to relax, it can also be an excellent opportunity to add some exercise to your day. You could walk on the treadmill, use weights for upper or lower body strengthening, do Pilates, or even stretch when watching TV. A few minutes of exercise, like bicep curls or arm raises with light hand weights, can help posture, strength, and well-being.              

Tips to Remember

Working moms are almost always busy, and sometimes you might barely find a moment to yourself. If you feel like you do not have enough time to exercise, you’re certainly not alone. It’s normal, and it’s something every busy mom goes through. Here are some tips to keep in mind, so you can make exercise a reality.

Make Exercise a Priority

It’s crucial to prioritize exercise because you can’t care for your family unless you care for yourself. Try and set a time each day to work out. This can help you structure the day and set it up like an appointment, so you are not tempted to miss it.

Get the Timing Right

If you exercise before the children wake up, you don’t have to worry about working out throughout the day. Several commitments and activities can come up during the day. This is another reason why a good time to exercise is at the start of the day.

Plan It Out

Make a workout plan, so you don’t need to spend time figuring out what you will do at the gym. You could also plan your outfit and workout gear, so you’re not wasting time on wardrobe choices.

There may be days where you may not be able to stick to your exercise plan. If that happens, try not to stress or compare yourself with other moms. Always try to accept the time you have and make the most of it. Building a support crew of like-minded parents can also be a huge help.

Maintaining a good workout routine can get challenging for a busy working mom. There will be good and bad days. However, it’s about the small steps you take in your quest to be fit and healthy. We hope these ideas will inspire and motivate you in your fitness journey.

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