When Insurance Companies Underpay

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When Insurance Companies Underpay

When Insurance Companies Underpay

Have you ever wondered why your insurance premiums keep going up while your network shrinks and your insurance company reports BILLION$ in record profits? It’s simple, they have perfected the art of UNDERPAYING.

We PAY our health insurance premiums… EVERY MONTH — ON TIME — & IN FULL. These rules seemingly don’t apply to health insurance companies, especially when it comes to paying for emergency medical services. Too often, Insurers use their purposely constrained network rules to systematically DENY, DELAY, or DECREASE legitimate claims for emergency services. This leaves patients, doctors, and facility owners to pick up the tab!

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Get Involved

What can you do to help bring attention to these common insurance company practices?

  1. Go to https://stateemergency.org/ to take action.
  2. Text COVER to 52886 which automatically sends your legislator a letter.
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